Blooket vs Kahoot Which is better for Your Classroom 2023 Update

Blooket vs Kahoot: In this digital world, everything is online, including education. Yes, Teachers now use the gaming platform to keep their students engaging and fun in Classrooms. Two well-known educational platforms that incorporate games to make learning enjoyable and engaging are Blooket and Kahoot. The two systems do differ in several significant ways, though. Here, in detail, we will see the difference between Blooket vs Kahoot, which is better for your classroom.

Blooket vs Kahoot (Introduction):

Blooket Blooket is an online platform that offers interactive and exciting games to help students study in the classroom or at home. Teachers or students can build question sets based on their educational content, which can be used in a game. A unique code is generated when the teacher or host begins a game. The pupils then enter this code into the game to play and answer the questions.

Kahoot Kahoot is a game-based learning platform that allows users to create & play real-time learning games and quizzes. This interactive platform is utilized in schools and other educational organizations as an instructional tool. It is meant for usage in groups but can also be used individually.

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Blooket Vs. Kahoot Interface Differences:

Blooket’s Interface is more modern and interactive than Kahoot’s. The Blooket interface is considerably more configurable, with many themes and avatars available. Blooket also enables live games, allowing students to compete in real time.

Kahoot’s Interface is more straightforward than Blooket’s. The Kahoot interface is simpler to set up and use, making it an excellent option for teachers who are new to using educational games. Although Kahoot does not enable live games, it includes several additional features, such as the option to create personalized avatars and leaderboards. Here is a table summarizing the key differences between Blooket and Kahoot,

Feature Blooket Kahoot
Interface Modern and interactive Simple and straightforward
Customization More customizable Less customizable
Live games Yes No
Audience Younger students Older students and adults
Pricing Free for basic features, paid plans for additional features Free for basic features, paid plans for additional features

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Difference Between Blooket Vs. Kahoot Features:

Both Blooket & Kahoot has lots of features like user interface, customization, multi-device compatibility etc. We all choose the best one with lots of features, Right? Here, I listed the difference between Blooket and Kahoot features in detail,

Feature Blooket Kahoot
User Interface Easy to use, with visually engaging and fun graphics User-friendly and simple design
Question Types Multiple choice, True or False, Open-ended Multiple choice, True or False, Short Answer, Jumble, Puzzle
Interactive Games Various game modes, including some with strategy elements Quiz format with competitive scoring
Customization Offers different modes for customization Less variety in the game format, but allows for rich media integration (like videos and images)
Performance Reports Basic performance reports are available Detailed performance analytics and reports
Real-Time Competitions Yes Yes
Homework Mode Yes, students can play assigned games at home Yes, the “Challenge” feature allows for homework assignments
Multi-Device Compatibility Yes Yes
Collaboration Features No Collaborative Creation Allows collaborative creation of quizzes
Accessibility Compatible with most devices and web browsers Compatible with most devices and web browsers

How to Sign Up on Blooket and Kahoot?

Before using any application or online platform, we need to create an account first. Likewise, you have to create an account on both Blooket and Kahoot. Here, I listed the steps to Sign up on Blooket and Kahoot,

Steps Blooket Kahoot
1. Go to the homepage
2. Log in to your account Use your Blooket credentials Use your Kahoot credentials
3. Start a new game/quiz Click on “Host a Game” Click on “Create”
4. Choose the game set Select the game set you want to use Design your own quiz or choose from pre-existing ones
5. Customize your game settings Choose the game mode and other settings Add questions, correct answers, and (optional) multimedia
6. Host/Start the game Click the “Host” button Click “Done” and then choose to present or assign as a challenge
7. Share the game with players Share the unique game code Share the unique game PIN

Blooket vs Kahoot Dashboard Differences:

The dashboard is the main thing when we enter into our account. Both Blooket and Kahoot have lots of features in the dashboard. Here, I listed the features of the Kahoot vs Blooket dashboard below,

Feature Blooket Kahoot
Homepage Display It Displays available games, a host option, and a section for creating new question sets. Displays an overview of quizzes created by the user, options to discover new quizzes, and create new quizzes.
Game/Quiz Creation A dedicated section to create and save custom question sets for games. A robust quiz creator with options to add questions, multimedia content, and customize quiz settings.
Performance Tracking Basic performance reports are available for review after games. Detailed reports section with performance tracking and analytics.
Game Hosting Easy access to host a game from the homepage dashboard. Option to present or assign a quiz from within each quiz’s details.

Which One is Better for Classroom Kahoot vs Blooket?

Blooket or Kahoot is better for a classroom setting depending on a variety of aspects such as the kids age and ability level, the subject matter being taught, the specific teaching goals, and personal taste. Here are some factors to think about when deciding between the two:

  • Engagement: Both systems are incredibly engaging and make learning enjoyable. Blooket offers several gaming modes as well as the distinctive “Blook” function, which allows students to collect and trade characters. Kahoot, on the other hand, provides a more straightforward quiz style while also allowing for the integration of rich material such as movies and photographs.
  • Question Types: Kahoot provides a little more versatility here, with multiple choice, true or false, short answer, jumble, and puzzle questions available. Blooket currently supports multiple choice, true or false, and open-ended questions as of my last update.
  • Customization: Customization is possible on both platforms but in different ways. Blooket allows you to select multiple game modes, each with its own set of rules and techniques. Kahoot enables for customization by allowing users to add rich media to questions and responses.
  • Statistics: If you want to track student development and performance, Kahoot provides more thorough statistics than Blooket’s more basic performance reports.
  • Ease of Use: Both systems are designed to be user-friendly, although the ideal one in this regard may depend on the comfort level of the specific teacher or student with technology. Blooket’s game modes may be more complicated for some, while Kahoot’s quiz creation and settings may be more complicated for others.


In Blooket vs Kahoot, lots of differences and similarities are there. Both Blooket and Kahoot have lots of advanced features which is used to engaging the classrooms more interactive. You can choose any one which is better for your needs. I hope the above information is really useful for you to choose the best one.

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