Blooket Hacks – How to Use Github Blooket Hacks & Cheats?

Blooket Hacks: In this digital world, the Blooket game gets more popular among teachers & students as a dynamic, educational, and fun tool. It offers unique opportunities for the players to make learning interactive and engaging. You can only play the game once you receive the Blooket join code from your teacher or partner. Sometimes, we all want to enjoy extra advantages or use hidden game features using Blooket hacks. Don’t panic. This article will detail some of the best Blooket hacks & cheats offered by GitHub and how to use the GitHub Blooket Hacks code.

What is Blooket Hacks?

Blooket is an online educational gaming platform that is used by lots of teachers & students today. It is the same as like that Kimkit or Quizizz etc. Teachers can create a game set and share the unique Blooket join code with the students. We can’t play without Blooket Game Id. But, there is an alternative way called Blooket Hacks & Cheats. 

Blooket Hacks do not mean anything illegal or unethical. It is a term that refers to strategies, tips & tricks, and tools that can change your gaming experience. It offers simple game strategies like coding scripts or tools that change gaming functionalities. However, you must be careful about your hacks and confirm that you don’t violate the Blooket terms & conditions.

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What are the Blooket Hacks by Github?

GitHub is the platform that designs the script or code to modify the gaming experience. Some of the Blooket hack codes are intended by the script platform Github that are used to alter or change the Blooket play, like scoring more points, gaining more currency, and some additional features. For example, GitHub provides the Blooket hacks codes like,

  • blook rush hack
  • cafe hack
  • crazy kingdom hack
  • crypto hack
  • deceptive dinos hack
  • fishing frenzy hack
  • global hack
  • gold hack
  • racing hack
  • tower defense hack
  • tower of Doom hack

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Blooket Hacks & Cheats by Minesraft2.github:

Some of the Blooket Hacks & Cheats are offered by You can use these Blooket cheats code and change your gaming experience.

Blooket Cheats

Monster Brawl Hacks:

  • Double Enemy Xp
  • Half Enemy Speed
  • Instant Kill
  • Invincibility
  • Kill Enemies
  • Magnet
  • Max Current Abilities
  • Next Level
  • Remove Obstacles
  • Reset Health

Cafe Hacks:

  • Max Items
  • Remove Customers
  • Reset Abilities
  • Set Cash
  • Stock Food

Crypto Hack Hacks:

  • Always Triple
  • Auto Guess
  • Choice ESP
  • Password ESP
  • Remove Hack
  • Set Crypto
  • Set Password
  • Steal Players Crypto

Deceptive Dinos Hacks:

  • Auto Choose
  • Rock ESP
  • Set Fossils
  • Set Multiplier
  • Stop Cheating
  • Tower of Doom Hacks:
  • Fill Deck
  • Max Cards
  • Max Health
  • Max Stats
  • Min Enemy
  • Set coins

Factory Hacks:

  • Choose Blook
  • Free Upgrades
  • Max Brooks
  • Remove Glitches
  • Send Glitch
  • Set All Mega Bot
  • Set Cash

Fishing Frenzy Hacks:

  • Frenzy
  • Remove Distraction
  • Send Distraction
  • Set Lure
  • Set Weight

Flappy Blook Hacks:

  • Set Score
  • Toggle Ghost
  • Global Blooket Cheats
  • Anti Flood Game
  • Auto Answer
  • Auto Sell Dupes On Open
  • Every Answer Correct
  • Flood Game
  • Get Daily Rewards
  • Highlight Answers
  • Remove Name Limit
  • Remove Random Name
  • Sell Cheap Duplicates
  • Sell Duplicate Books
  • Simulate Pack
  • Simulate Unlock
  • Unlock Plus Gamemodes
  • Use Any Blook
  • Intervals

Gold Quest Hacks:

  • Always Triple
  • Auto Choose
  • Chest ESP
  • Reset All Gold
  • Reset Players Gold
  • Set Gold
  • Swap Gold

Crazy Kingdom Hacks:

  • Choice ESP
  • Choice ESP Loop
  • Disable Toucan
  • Max Stats
  • Set Guests
  • Skip Guest

Royale Hacks:

  • Auto Answer
  • Intervals

Blook Rush Hacks:

  • Set Blooks
  • Set Defense

Tower Defense Hacks:

  • Earthquake
  • Max Towers
  • Remove Ducks
  • Remove Enemies
  • Remove Obstacles
  • Set Dmg
  • Set Round
  • Set Tokens

Tower Defense 2 Hacks:

  • Back
  • Max Towers
  • Remove Enemies
  • Set Coins
  • Set Health
  • Set Round

Santa’s Workshop Hacks:

  • Remove Distractions
  • Send Distraction
  • Set Toys
  • Set Toys Per Q
  • Swap Toys

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How to Use GitHub Blooket Hacks – Step-by-Step Guide?

GitHub is the famous platform that provides the script & code to modify any applications, gaming experience & functionalities. Now, we will see how to use Github Blooket Hacks in detail. There are different ways to use Github Blooket hacks. One is finding the Blooket hack code and pasting it on JavaScript. Otherwise, you can use the bookmarklet, which means the piece of code is used as a bookmark in the browser. Here, we will see how to use Github Blooket hacks code by copying & paste,

  • First, visit the Github website
  • Type & search for Blooket Hack code now.
  • Now, it will display the Blooket codes in the username (TheRealGliz)
  • Now, copy the code which you want and open the Blooket website
  • Log in to your Blooket account
  • Open the internet browser console from the Blooket game room
  • Paste the code into the browser console and Type “Javascript.”
  • Then, paste the code in the box and press Enter
  • Click the Ok option, now your Blooket hack is now active for the gaming sessions.

Is cheating in Blooket illegal?

It is not illegal to cheat in Blooket. But, using Blooket hacks & cheats is unlawful to the Blooket Terms & Conditions. So, if Blooket catches you, you may get banned from the Blooket gaming platform. Also, you may not learn more about Blooket games anymore.

Is it legal to use Blooket hacks?

You may not use, save, copy, reproduce, edit, translate, publish, broadcast, transmit, distribute, perform, upload, create derivative works from, display, license, sell, or otherwise exploit the BLOOKET Technology for any purpose other than those specifically authorized by this Agreement.


Blooket Hacks & Cheats enhance your gaming experiences, like winning lots of credits & currency. You can use the GitHub Blooket Code guide to find proper Blooket Codes and change your gaming experience. Also, note that if Blooket Team catches you, you may get banned and not be able to learn more.

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