Blooket Game Modes – Best Blooket Modes for Math Teachers

Blooket Game Modes: Are you a teacher and using the Blooket Game for educational purposes? Then you know that many game modes are available in Blooket, including Monster Brawl, Crypto Hack, etc. Blooket is a popular online educational platform teachers, and students use today. Winners will receive Blooket coins & tokens as a price. In this article, we will see all the Blooket game modes and the best Blooket modes for math teachers in detail.

Blooket Game Modes:

Blooket is an interactive and engaging online learning platform that offers various game modes to make education fun for students. Both students and teachers can create the game set and play independently or with the group. Many pre-existing game sets are available in Blooket, or you can create your own questions. These game modes encourage participation, enhance learning, and provide educators with valuable tools to create interactive lessons.

Let’s explore some of the popular Blooket game modes:

1. Classic Mode: 


Blooket Classic Mode
Blooket Classic Mode

Blooket Classic Mode is its base, allowing educators to turn any content into a game. Teachers can set questions and response options, and students compete to answer them correctly. Points are awarded for accuracy and speed, adding excitement and healthy competition to the learning process.

2. Tower Mode: 

Tower Mode
Tower Mode in Blooket

Tower Mode in Blooket is a strategy-based game where students build and defend towers. In this Mode, correct answers allow you to create and upgrade buildings, while incorrect answers may result in attacks from opponents. Tower Mode incorporates an element of problem-solving and critical thinking, as students strategically plan their defenses while answering questions correctly to outwit their opponents.

3. Match Mode: 

Match Mode
                                                                                                  Match Mode

Match Mode is a memory game in which students must match related concepts or terms. Within a given time, students must flip cards and find matching pairings. This Mode encourages pupils to recall material and reinforces their grasp of how different concepts relate.

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4. Quiz Mode: 

Quiz Mode
Quiz Mode

Quiz Mode is a simple and effective method of evaluating students’ knowledge. Teachers can create quizzes with multiple choices, true or false, fill-in-the-blanks, and other question formats. This Mode enables teachers to assess student comprehension and highlight areas needing additional instruction.

5. Race Mode: 

Race Mode
Race Mode

Race Mode is a fast game mode in which students compete to answer questions in a race against time accurately. Participants try to answer questions as rapidly as possible, receiving points for correctness and speed. This Mode encourages quick thinking and decision-making under pressure and improves students’ capacity to recall knowledge quickly.

6. Team Mode: 

Team Mode
Team Mode

The team mode option is a collaborative game where students work in groups to answer questions. It promotes teamwork, communication, and student cooperation to solve issues and compete against other teams. This method encourages friendship and allows students to benefit from one another’s talents and viewpoints

7. Showdown Mode: 

Showdown Mode is an exciting head-to-head battle between students. Participants compete in various challenges, answering questions to earn points and progress through rounds. Showdown Mode allows students to showcase their knowledge and engage in friendly competition.

8. Aquatic Pack: 

Aquatic Pack
Aquatic Pack

Aquatic Mode is based on marine animals and things you can find underwater. Each Aquatic Pack costs 20 tokens. Because this pack was built for the Fishing Frenzy game mode, all of the pack’s components appear in the game mode.

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Best Blooket Game Modes for Math Teachers:

If you are a Math Teacher, you need the best Blooket game modes to create questions and make your students more interactive and fun in Classrooms during Mathematic Hour.

Here, I mentioned the Top 3 Best Blooket Game modes below,

1. Tower Defense:

Tower Defense in Blooket is one of the challenging game modes. In this game mode, students can answer questions to earn more points and upgrade their defenses to survive enemy attacks. It is complicated to play this game without experience.

If you are getting started, first, you need to pick the map which suits your skill. After that, select the towers; you can buy the buildings with your earned tokens. Once you win the game, you will receive coins or a special bonus.

2. Gold Quest:

If you are interested in Treasures, choose the Gold Quest mode. In this Mode, students can open any of three chests. It is a very fast-paced game mode. Students can even win at the last minute because they suddenly open a treasure chest to compete for scores with another student.

3. Crypto Hack:

Crypto Hack is similar to Gold Quest mode. This Mode allows the student to hack their classmate’s Crypto. Like Gold Quest, students need to answer the questions and choose any one of the rewards listed there. Sometimes, the student gets a Hacking reward used to hack their classmates.


Blooket Play has several game modes, including Gold Quest, Tower Defense, etc. Here, I listed different types of Blooket game modes for you. You can choose any one of the game modes which suits you. Also, selecting the best Blooket game modes will make your student’s gameplay more interactive and fun.

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